Why is Turkey popular among Medical tourists?

Turkey medical tourism: Known for its cultural history and beauty, Turkey is gaining popularity in the Medical Tourism industry. In the year 2014, they have received the record number of foreign patients and have climbed to the top 10 most favored medical tourism destination in the world. Some five years before they were in 17th… Continue reading Why is Turkey popular among Medical tourists?


What is mHealth?

What is mHealth? mHealth is otherwise known as mobile health. mHealth is the use of mobile phones and other communication devices like smart watches, Bluetooth and wifi devices for delivering, managing, diagnosing, reporting medical services and information from the remote place without visiting directly. What is the history of mHealth technology? The mobile health industry… Continue reading What is mHealth?

What are the Steps for your Medical Travel?

Step 1: Send Enquiry The process starts with the enquiry. You can enquire us directly or through the mediator and let us know your requirement such as your treatment need and preferred location or even country. Some people travel only to get medical treatment while others combine it with a leisure trip to gain travel experience. You will… Continue reading What are the Steps for your Medical Travel?

What is the difference between Medical & Leisure tourism?

Medical Tourism is visiting countries overseas to gain good health by undergoing medical treatments, while Leisure Tourism is visiting other countries for fun and recreation. Things to be done before the travel: A medical traveler, before going to his/her chosen destination (another country), must make proper travel plans and preparations. The plan includes getting a… Continue reading What is the difference between Medical & Leisure tourism?

Which countries are the favourite destinations among Medical travellers?

The recent times have seen an increase in the number of people making a medical travel. Be it for the availability of advanced treatment methods or lesser cost, the medical tourists have the freedom to get medical treatment wherever they prefer. Asian countries like India, Turkey, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Singapore are the most… Continue reading Which countries are the favourite destinations among Medical travellers?

All about Medical Travel Assistance

What does your Medical Travel include?   Your Treatment is the core of your medical travel. To obtain quality treatment at affordable cost, we will suggest you well-qualified & more experienced medical professionals and quality, advanced & international accredited hospitals in your preferred destination. We will also suggest top destinations to undergo your quality treatment. Along with your… Continue reading All about Medical Travel Assistance

What is Medical Travel?

Medical Travel (also known as medical tourism, health tourism or global healthcare) is the process of travelling outside the country of residence to obtain best healthcare services. There are various reasons to travel outside the country of residence to obtain medical treatment. These will be published in the upcoming blog posts.


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