What is mHealth?

What is mHealth? mHealth is otherwise known as mobile health. mHealth is the use of mobile phones and other communication devices like smart watches, Bluetooth and wifi devices for delivering, managing, diagnosing, reporting medical services and information from the remote place without visiting directly. What is the history of mHealth technology? The mobile health industry… Continue reading What is mHealth?


What is the difference between Medical & Leisure tourism?

Medical Tourism is visiting countries overseas to gain good health by undergoing medical treatments, while Leisure Tourism is visiting other countries for fun and recreation. Things to be done before the travel: A medical traveler, before going to his/her chosen destination (another country), must make proper travel plans and preparations. The plan includes getting a… Continue reading What is the difference between Medical & Leisure tourism?

What kind of Treatments or Procedures can be obtained in medical travel destinations?

With the advent of advancements in medical technologies across the world, most of the diseases have been made curable & several hospitals are been established. But every citizen is unable to benefit from their country’s healthcare infrastructures due to several reasons. Due to which several people across the world travel to foreign lands in search… Continue reading What kind of Treatments or Procedures can be obtained in medical travel destinations?