What is cosmetology and what are the types of cosmetic treatments?

Several psychological studies say that humans, in general, are attracted to a beautiful face faster than they can analyze the person’s character. True, isn’t it? Most of us would definitely have idolized our favorite movie stars and other celebrities, who are drop-dead gorgeous or extremely charming. But did you know that many of them have… Continue reading What is cosmetology and what are the types of cosmetic treatments?


What is Medical Technology?

What is the history of health technology? The acceleration in healthcare technology began at the turn of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries with the invention of stethoscope by Rene Laenecc in 1815 and advances made in pathology and microbiology by Robert Kosch, Louis Pasteur, etc. Roentgen’s accidental discovery of X-Ray in 1895 and its medical… Continue reading What is Medical Technology?

What is mHealth?

What is mHealth? mHealth is otherwise known as mobile health. mHealth is the use of mobile phones and other communication devices like smart watches, Bluetooth and wifi devices for delivering, managing, diagnosing, reporting medical services and information from the remote place without visiting directly. What is the history of mHealth technology? The mobile health industry… Continue reading What is mHealth?

What is the difference between Medical & Leisure tourism?

Medical Tourism is visiting countries overseas to gain good health by undergoing medical treatments, while Leisure Tourism is visiting other countries for fun and recreation. Things to be done before the travel: A medical traveler, before going to his/her chosen destination (another country), must make proper travel plans and preparations. The plan includes getting a… Continue reading What is the difference between Medical & Leisure tourism?

How to trust Medical travel service providers?

Planning a medical trip should be done with more care than planning a leisure trip. In our modern world, there are many people opting for medical treatment abroad and you can find on the internet about many healthcare providers doing the medical tourism services. But how to know which one will be of the best… Continue reading How to trust Medical travel service providers?

What is Medical Travel?

Medical Travel (also known as medical tourism, health tourism or global healthcare) is the process of travelling outside the country of residence to obtain best healthcare services. There are various reasons to travel outside the country of residence to obtain medical treatment. These will be published in the upcoming blog posts.