What is the difference between Medical & Leisure tourism?

Medical Tourism is visiting countries overseas to gain good health by undergoing medical treatments, while Leisure Tourism is visiting other countries for fun and recreation.

Medical vs Leisure TourismThings to be done before the travel:

A medical traveler, before going to his/her chosen destination (another country), must make proper travel plans and preparations. The plan includes getting a proper medical visa, selecting good healthcare provider (i.e. hospitals, doctors), choosing their comfortable place for the stay and recovery after A medical procedures.

On the other hand, leisure travelers can start from their country whenever they want and can also get the visa on arriving at the destination country. They can even prepare their travel plan just before the departure from their home and change it for their own convenience.

Things to be done during the visit:

A medical traveler must follow this medical travel plan throughout his/her visit to the country. For certain treatments that need surgeries, travel and site-seeing around the country are not advised, in order to get properly cured and recover at the earliest.

A leisure traveler must abide by the local policies of the country but doesn’t have any restrictions on making their own travel plan.

Things to be done after the visit:

Upon returning to his/her home country, A medical traveler will have to follow the procedures like post-treatment follow-ups and precautions, depending on the type of treatment that he/she have undergone. For treatments done for cancer or other riskier diseases, reporting to the physician on regular basis is a must. Some non-surgical treatments like psychiatry, removal of gallstones and spa treatments may not need post-treatment follow-ups and A medical traveler can get back to normal routine sooner.

While in the case of a leisure traveler, he/she can resume the daily activities soon after arriving at his/her home country, with the newly gained refreshment and joy.

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