Which countries are the favourite destinations among Medical travellers?

Top Medical Destinations

The recent times have seen an increase in the number of people making a medical travel. Be it for the availability of advanced treatment methods or lesser cost, the medical tourists have the freedom to get medical treatment wherever they prefer. Asian countries like India, Turkey, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Singapore are the most popular destinations among healthcare seekers.

With high-skilled doctors and excellent infrastructure, India welcomes a growing number of medical tourists each year. Two of the world’s top ten medical tourism hospitals (Fortis Bangalore & Asian heart institute) are in India and 22 hospitals are accredited to JCI – Joint Commission International (International accreditation for Healthcare services). Even the cost of medical treatment have been impressive with patients reporting 60%-90% of cost saving.
Apart from the medical treatments, India is a famous tourist destination. This gives an option to combine the medical visit with a Leisure trip with your family & dear ones.

With its world-class health and medical treatments, dentistry and cosmetic surgery, Turkey has been a hot spot for medical treatment among the European countries. Due to its close proximity to the Western Europe, it is estimated that 32% of its patients are medical tourists who come from Greece, Iran, Iraq, Russia, Syria, Greece, UK and US.
The doctors in turkey are well-trained in treatments for Cancer. Cardiology and orthopedic care. Advanced healthcare services are provided at lesser cost than in European countries. Laser eye treatments are cost saver & most popular among travelers in Turkey.

More than 600,000 people travel to Malaysia each year for medical treatment because of its medical infrastructure and less costs. 80% of the medical tourists were from its neighboring countries with Kuala Lumpur as the most preferred city. As English is widely spoken in Malaysia, there is no language barrier for people from western countries.
Malaysia offers In vitro fertilization for one-fifth of the price of western countries. Oncology, gynecology, Ophthalmology, Dental and Rejuvenation therapies are popular in Malaysia.

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand has the best-known hospitals in the country. Medical treatment in Thailand costs 50-70% lesser than in US. According to the Tourist Authority of Thailand, up to 80% of its medical tourists are from Southeast Asia. It sees many visitors from the West too. Nearly 30,000 American citizens travel to Thailand each year for medical treatment.
Thailand has the reputation for cosmetic surgery, dentistry, and traditional Thai medicine. Also, it is known as the destination for sex reassignment surgery.
Apart from medical facilities, Thailand is known for its beautiful beaches and resorts.

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is specializing in conservative medical procedures (back pain, neck pain and related spinal conditions) along with traditional treatments. As far as medical infrastructure is concerned, it is similar to that in the western countries. As an ex-British colony, English is a common language in Sri Lanka. This gives the medical tourists an added advantage. The costs for medical treatments are lesser than in other Southeast Asian countries.
Orthopedics, Plastic Surgery, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Oncology, Nephrology and ENT as some of the most preferred medical treatments in Sri Lanka.
When it comes to leisure tourism, Sri Lanka is a real treat. Beautiful landscapes, ancient cities, elephant orphanages, vivid cuisines and the small islands dotting around the many beaches gives a complete experience to cherish.

Singapore is one of the world’s freest economies with a world-class living condition. It has made itself a medical tourism hub for both Asians and Westerners over the years. The World Health Organization has ranked Singapore as one the best healthcare destination in Asia. It ranks sixth worldwide.
Singapore is specialized advanced medical procedures like cancer treatment, cardiology, organ transplant, and oncology. Its government promotes medical tourism and the number of medical tourists has been rising each year.

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