What are the benefits of travelling abroad for Healthcare?

In recent times, the number of people who travel abroad for healthcare has increased. But why do they make a medical travel? Is it because of lack of medical facilities? That can’t be the only reason. Even people from well-developed countries seek medical care abroad. Let’s see some common reasons for making a medical travel.

Benefits of overseas healthcare

The major reason for seeking medical care abroad is cost effectiveness. In several developed countries, costs for both common and advanced procedures are very high. The open heart surgery that costs $1,50,000 in US and $70,000 in the UK is provided for $3000 to $10,000 by same international accredited hospitals in India. Knee surgery that costs around $17,000 in the UK is available for $6000 in India. In general, the cost benefit in almost every medical treatment is the main reason for medical tourism.

In many countries, medical treatments like laser surgery, breast augmentation and liposuction are not covered under insurance and hence the cost of such treatments is very high. Such uninsured or underinsured patients prefer to undergo treatment in other foreign countries.

Also, in most of the well-developed countries, the waiting time for a treatment is more. In several public hospitals, a patient needs to wait for around 40-50 days for a physician appointment and for some surgical procedures like Knee replacement, Cataract, Heart valve surgery, a patient needs to wait around 2-6 months for undergoing the procedure in public hospitals.

In underdeveloped countries, the number of people making a medical travel is larger. Even some developing countries do not have all the medical facilities. Moreover the Quality of healthcare, the number of High-skilled Doctors and the Medical Infrastructure have become the attracting factors for medical travellers. Most countries offer translators to help the medical travellers overcome language barriers.

While the better availability of medical care is the main reason for people to seek medical care in other countries, there can be some treatments not legal in their own countries. For example, egg donation is legally prohibited in Austria, Italy and Germany and sperm donation needs legal permission in Spain. Some countries like Sweden and the United Kingdom have the shortage of sperm donors as their governments have set restrictions on the number of donations. So people from these countries prefer other countries for fertility treatment because of the cost and flexibility of law.

Another main factor contributing to medical tourism is people can combine it with leisure tourism. For non-surgical treatments such as Cosmetics, Dental and Psychiatry, people can use the medical visit to explore the beauty of the country or relax their mind and body in Spas & Rejuvenating therapies.

In case of queries or inquiry for your medical travel, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to ease your medical journey and assist you throughout your medical travel.


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