What kind of Treatments or Procedures can be obtained in medical travel destinations?

With the advent of advancements in medical technologies across the world, most of the diseases have been made curable & several hospitals are been established. But every citizen is unable to benefit from their country’s healthcare infrastructures due to several reasons. Due to which several people across the world travel to foreign lands in search of Advanced, Timely, Personalized & caring medical treatments. We will discuss some of the countries which have advanced medical facilities but its citizens prefer treatment from other countries.

Treatments and procedures in MT destinations

Major countries from which people travel overseas for medical treatments:

CANADA: In spite of the availability of advanced medical care, the reason for Canadians to go abroad for medical treatments is more Wait-time. A survey shows that the average wait-time to consult a medical practitioner is around 4 months. The average wait time for diagnostic services like CAT and MRI scans in 2 weeks.

EUROPEAN COUNTRIES: One of the rapidly increasing diseases in EU is overweight and obesity. Over 53% of adults are either overweight or obese. Obesity, which has a greater health risk than overweight, has increased by more than a third in the last 10 years. The treatments for these health problems have been obstructed by more Wait-time & huge medical cost. Even though some of the EU countries have made progress in reducing the wait time, it has started to rise in countries like Spain, Portugal, and Greece mainly because of doctors moving to other countries for better pay and facilities.

The common diseases that are treated in England are obesity, chicken pox, depression, diabetes, back pain, glandular fever, kidney infection, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer, Dementia, and asthma. But just like in other well-developed countries, the medical treatments get delayed due to more Wait-time. Also for foreign nationals who seek medical treatment in England, they are not eligible for treatment under National Healthcare Service (a public healthcare service) and the visa is granted only for six months. If the medical treatment goes beyond a period of six months, the visa has to be extended prior to its expiration with a service charge of £395.

AFRICA: Though Africa has been making measures to grow it medical industry, it is far from making a considerable change. With a lack of well-advanced infrastructure and highly-qualified doctors along with the high costs, people from Africa are preferring medical treatment abroad. In South Africa, the private sector is dominating the medical industry by consuming 60% of the total medical spending. Even though they have world-class facilities, they cater only to 15% of the population because most South Africans couldn’t afford it. Although some essential services like TB treatment are provided for free by the government, many other medical treatments are at high costs. Some of the costly medical treatments in Africa are for kidney failure, removing lesions from eye, pancreatic cancer, open-heart surgery, liver transplant, double lung transplant, heart transplant and gastrointestinal tract transplant. In addition to the medical treatments being costlier, lack of medical staff further increases the number of medical travelers from Africa.

Treatments available infamous medical tourism destinations: 

In the wake of a medical industry being imbalanced in well-developed countries as well as under-developed countries, medical tourism has been gaining popularity among the people worldwide. So some countries have developed their medical industry to cater to the need of medical travelers.

Indian healthcare system has become popular for its high-quality care given at remarkably low costs. Treatments like cardiology, neurology and oncology are the specialties in India.

Malaysia is one of the famous destinations for medical tourists for its Oncology, gynecology, Ophthalmology, Dental and Rejuvenation therapies.

, with its world-class lifestyle is popular for cancer treatment, cardiology, organ transplant, and oncology. Its government promotes medical tourism and the number of medical tourists has been rising each year.

Thailand has the reputation for cosmetic surgery, dentistry and infertility procedure. Traditional Thai medicine is world-famous.
These countries, along with provided best medical care, are wonderful tourist places too. This has been an advantage for medical travelers to choose these destinations. Who wouldn’t want a relaxing leisure trip after getting their illness cured!


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